marvel_logoMarvel’s “Phase 2” is well underway, with Iron Man 3 leading the charge, and Guardians of the Galaxy as the newcomers on the big screen. Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, said they’re already planning out “Phase 3”, which will bring more comic book characters on the big screen.

The two in question who will get their own films in “Phase 3”? Ant-Man and Doctor Strange.

Ant-Man was no surprise. Edgar Wright has been developing the movie for a while now, and showed test footage at the last Comic-Con. And uniquely enough, he has free reign to film Ant-Man with his stylistic touches. Which will honestly make the movie incredibly fun.

“Phase 3” is heading towards different territory, especially with Doctor Strange thrown in the mix. We can expect a lot more magic, and a huge possibility of different dimensions. It’d throw the Marvel movie universe into fantasy territory. And I’m entirely okay with the idea. They are comic book movies after all.