The author behind the novel The Martian, Andy Weir, is currently writing an unnamed novel that takes place in space. It isn’t complete, but that isn’t stopping Ryan Gosling from wanting to star in the film adaptation of the upcoming book. If that isn’t enough, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the duo behind The LEGO Movie and 21 (22) Jump Street films, are set to direct the unnamed film.

The Martian, along with the film adaptation, had their comedic moments, which means we can expect the same with the movie that will star Ryan Gosling. But this time we have Lord and Miller, whose previous work has a lot of witty comedy. And considering that Gosling is delightfully funny, and has great physical comedy as shown in The Nice Guys, the movie is bound to be well-acted and very funny.

Now we just have to wait and see when production can actually go underway. And once it is, it’s a complete given that it will be a really fun space film.