Marvel is allegedly going to try to bring Ghost Rider to life for the third time. The first was two films starring Nicholas Cage as Johnny Blaze, who becomes Ghost Rider. The second was actor Gabriel Luna as the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD. And really, both actors were good as both version of Ghost Rider.

At some point, Marvel Television made plans for a Ghost Rider spinoff starring Luna, which I was very excited for. That sadly didn’t turn out. No, I’m not holding a grudge, why are you asking that?

Now there’s rumblings that Marvel will bring Ghost Rider back, but rather using Reyes, they’re going to bring back Blaze. There’s no word if it’s a series or movie. Personally, I say bring Cage and Luna back to reprise their Ghost Riders. Because why the hell not? We deserve it. Throw in Danny Ketch too. Let’s get crazy with it.