I normally don’t watch TV — unless it’s Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries  — so quick promos for a show entitled Cult recently caught my interest. They showed something creepy, then a quick monologue by actor Robert Knepper, who played a brilliant antagonist in the final season of Heroes. He portrayed the part with a dangerous charisma that fits perfectly with the cult leader he plays in the Cult promos.

If that wasn’t enough, Matthew Davis from The Vampire Diaries is cast in the lead role as journalist blogger, Jeff Sefton. He nearly stole the show whenever he was on screen, so it makes sense that he’d end up as the lead in his own show. Plus it doesn’t hurt that I think he should play Indiana Jones or Han Solo one day. He can easily be this generation’s Harrison Ford.


Jessica Lucas from Cloverfield joins as Skye Yarrow, a production assistant on the show Cult. Also cast is Alona Tal as Kelly Collins, who is most notable for playing Jo in Supernatural.

As for the premise for Cult? Jeff and Skye work together to investigate murders that seem to recreate scenes from the show Cult. Yes, that means it’s a show-within-a-show.

It already looks promising with the cast and the promos that were released. Now I’m afraid excited that I’ll have a new show to geek out over.

Cult debuts on the CW, February 19.