ironman3artMarvel is gearing up for another marketing push for Iron Man 3, starring the one and only Robert Stark Jr. — I mean, Robert Downey Jr. A few promo art pieces are circulating online to drum up excitement. A couple show the new War Machine armor — and no, I don’t mean the Iron Patriot version. In another promo piece, we’re treated to a few armors in the background that look dramatically different than what we’re accustomed to. It’s safe to assume they’re villainous suits.

Iron Man 3 already has so much excitement behind it. It’s Marvel Studios’ flagship property that propelled them forward and ignited the shared movie universe. And it doesn’t hurt that Shane Black took on directing and writing duties. His sense of humor was practically made for the Iron Man franchise as much as Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Tony Stark. Just watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for a great example. Plus it’s a great movie.

Where was I?

More promo art pieces can be viewed HERE. And we can expect a new trailer during the Superbowl.

Iron Man 3 rocks theaters May 3, 2013.