We all watched The Mandalorian, right? If not, why the heck not? Get on Disney Plus and binge watch it right now! It’s not like you have anything else to do. Maybe. But really, it’s a magnificent show.

The second season is shaping up and recently added to the cast is Battlestar Galactica and Longmire actress, Katee Sackhoff. Oh yeah, she also voiced the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels character, Bo-Katan. So just who will Sackhoff portray? Okay, I’m acting coy on something obvious. Sackhoff will reprise her role as Bo-Katan; this time bringing her to life in live-action instead of just voicing her.

Katee Sackhoff is always fun to watch on screen, so I’m pretty stoked that she’s not only showing up on The Mandalorian, but she’s also reprising a character that she voiced on previous Star Wars shows.