It was only last month that Mark Wayne Williams was arrested in Michigan for the second time for dressing up like Batman and patrolling the streets brandishing an assortment weapons. Oh, and of course getting in the way of police investigations in one way or another. I jokingly mentioned that we’ll hear about him yet again in the news, but it turned out to be very true.

Williams has found himself facing possible jail time for his absolute refusal to retire the cape and cowl. He firmly believes he’s doing a service to the public — and even got support from a woman who began to dress like Batgirl, accompanying him on his patrols.

“The whole point of me being out there doing this is to get people’s attention, and to get them to realize that it’s up to everybody to take care of the community and make it better.”

–Mark Wayne Williams

His heart may be in the right place, but his decision to continue his patrols dressed as Batman could land him 15 years in prison. His actions may hinder the police, but the possible sentence is incredibly harsh; Williams hasn’t really put anyone in harm’s way. If anything, he should be put through a psychiatric evaluation. Nevertheless, Williams is the sunshine in the news.