bryancranstonThe glorious Bryan Cranston recently let the masses know that he would like to play a nasty villain in a Marvel movie. It’s really more like a demand. I mean — it’s Bryan Cranston. Who would tell him no?

I wholeheartedly like the idea. Except for one thing. There’s one catch: Cranston doesn’t want to portray an existing character. He wants an original to hash out with a director and writer.

Okay, so maybe you can say no to Bryan Cranston. Marvel has a huge library of characters that have yet to make it on the big screen. I like how they occasionally take an obscure character and retool it for film. (Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.) If Cranston is willing to do that, then hell yes. Please do it.

Although. It is Bryan Cranston. We should meet his demands. Or we might never see him run around in his underwear again. That is, once Breaking Bad isn’t on Netflix anymore.