Rather than strictly sticking with the current lineup that gave Marvel success, the studio is carrying forward with additional superheroes getting the film treatment. The Marvel movie universe just continues to expand.

Stan Lee has confirmed that a Doctor Strange film is in the works. The character is pretty much only known by comic fans — but then again, Iron Man was practically in the same boat before 2008.

So who is Doctor Strange you ask? The character doesn’t exactly hide his true identity, known also as Dr. Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon who suffers a great deal of damage to his hands in a car accident. Desperate to heal his hands and continue his successful career — and the money that comes with it — he meets a person who practices the mystic arts. Strange eventually proves himself and becomes a disciple.

Long story short, Doctor Strange becomes a master of the mystic arts, developing magical abilities of teleportation, astral projection, telepathy, energy blasts, and other abilities. To sum it up even quicker: in the comics, Doctor Strange’s powers are on a cosmic level.

Overall, Doctor Strange would make a very different Marvel movie. It would lean a lot more towards sci-fi, especially since Doctor Strange is no stranger to traveling to other dimensions — I’m sorry for the pun; I couldn’t help myself.

And for those who were wondering about Black Panther, Stan Lee confirmed that it’s moving forward too.

The addition of Black Panther and Doctor Strange will shake things up for Marvel’s movie universe. And it’s pretty exciting if you’re a comic geek like me.