After the announcement of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm, and Star Wars: Episode 7 being planned, it wasn’t hard to predict that news and speculation would come pouring in. And why wouldn’t there be? It’s massive news for the film industry and pop culture.

It also made sense that the three biggest stars of the films would be asked about any possible involvement in the seventh movie, and they were rather clear on how they feel. Both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher feel positive about a reprisal if their characters are to return to the story — but the surprising thing? Harrison Ford, who didn’t seem so interested in the past, expressed that he’s open to returning to the Han Solo character.

Exciting news, yes? But of course! Though, nothing is set in stone. It’s those three just saying they’re open to the idea. And honestly, it’d be great for Hamill, Fisher and Ford to reprise their characters one more time.

For the speculation part? The biggest rumor making rounds is that director Matthew Vaughn dropped out of X-Men: Days of Future Past to spearhead the new Star Wars film. If it’s true, it’s hard to blame the man for wanting to direct such a movie. It’d be the first film directed by someone other than George Lucas after how controlling he’s been with the prequels.

For now I’ll impatiently wait for official news.