Robert Pattinson: Jar Jar Binks’ Only Fan

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The equally loved and despised Twilight series is heading towards an end, so Robert Pattinson has been asked what his plans for the future are; in particular if he’d want to act in the seventh episode of Star Wars. And like any sane actor — or person for the matter — Pattinson expressed he’d love to act in the franchise. The kicker? Pattinson clearly couldn’t keep himself from cracking jokes.


The Real Life “Batman” Faces Possible Prison Time

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It was only last month that Mark Wayne Williams was arrested in Michigan for the second time for dressing up like Batman and patrolling the streets brandishing an assortment weapons. Oh, and of course getting in the way of police investigations in one way or another. I jokingly mentioned that we’ll hear about him yet again in the news, but it turned out to be very true.


Comic-Con Continues in San Diego and Expansion

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For many like myself in San Diego, Comic-Con is a major event that we look forward to every year. So of course when it became more than clear that Comic-Con was outgrowing the Convention Center, we became concerned that it might move to a different location.


Disney Acquires Lucasfilm; Seventh Star Wars is a Go

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Throughout the years Disney has grown into a behemoth of an entertainment company, and with their growth, they acquired other companies that furthered their success. One of the most recent and biggest example is Marvel. Together they propelled Marvel properties up and hit new records with the highly acclaimed movie, The Avengers. Despite such examples, it still came as a surprise that they are now acquiring Lucasfilm.


Real Life “Batman” Arrested Twice

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Christopher Nolan may have his take on Batman that leans towards realistic, but nothing is more real than self-proclaimed vigilante Mark Wayne Williams. He donned the Batman costume and patrolled the streets. The downside for him? He’s been arrested twice so far.


Terry Crews’ President Camacho Will Return

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Actor Terry Crews is every action star’s hero, and if any film foreshadowed that, it was Idiocracy. He played the unforgettable “five-time Ultimate Smackdown champion, porn superstar, and President of the United States” Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. A mouthful, I know. (Phrasing!)


2012 Comic-Con Floor Map

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Comic-Con is quickly approaching and the event released a map to help attendees navigate the convention floor.

Comic-Con officially beings July 12 and concludes July 15.

As many of you know, I simply cannot wait.