Throughout the years Disney has grown into a behemoth of an entertainment company, and with their growth, they acquired other companies that furthered their success. One of the most recent and biggest example is Marvel. Together they propelled Marvel properties up and hit new records with the highly acclaimed movie, The Avengers. Despite such examples, it still came as a surprise that they are now acquiring Lucasfilm.

It’s huge news for the entertainment industry. Lucasfilm — as everybody should know — is the baby of George Lucas, who brought us our beloved Star Wars movies — and some other Star Wars movies that a lot of us aren’t fond of. Nevertheless, Lucasfilm had a continuous impact on the film industry and pop culture worldwide. And if the acquisition isn’t enough, Disney announced a seventh Star Wars slated for a 2015 release.

In the past there were rants that Disney was going to essentially “Disneyfy” Marvel when they bought them, but history has shown that they let Marvel continue their own creative direction. Disney more or less served as financial backing for Marvel’s various projects; especially for Marvel Studios.

From the looks of it, Lucasfilm coming under the Disney umbrella is being met with optimism. I was initially apprehensive since it feels like Disney is slowly monopolizing the industry, but acquiring Lucasfilm gives it a greater chance at redeeming Star Wars in the eyes of the fans. And hopefully — though greatly unlikely — we’ll see a re-release of the original trilogy that wasn’t butchered by endless C.G. edits.

Now if there was one other thing I’d want out of this news, it would be casting Matthew Davis as Han Solo. Almost heretical of me, I know — but the man is practically Harrison Ford incarnate, and he has the charisma.