Iron Man in Disneyland

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ironman3Disneyland made changes in their Innoventions attraction that includes something that fits naturally: Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries. It was only a matter of time before Marvel made an appearance in Disneyland, and what’s better than Iron Man? (That’s a rhetorical question.)


Hulu Owners at Odds

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huluHulu owners Disney and News Corp. are apparently at odds on where to put the focus on the online streaming service. News Corp. wants to focus solely on a subscription service while Disney wants to continue the current model, which offers that and ad-supported content. The rumor going around is that one might buy out the other.


YouTube Plans for Channels You Must Pay For

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youtubeYouTube has come up with a new business plan that could have potential backlash from visitors of the site. They want to add a $5 subscription fee on 25 channels. YouTube is in talks with a few popular channels to see if they’d like to be part of the business plan. Google, who owns YouTube, will collect 45% of the profits.


CEO Considers Netflix on Probation with Consumers

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netflixNetflix made the decision in 2011 to make a significant change in their service. They split online streaming and DVD/Blu-ray into two different services, effectively making customers pay double if they want to have both. It received backlash from customers, but not enough to revert things back. Money is money after all.