Christopher Nolan may have his take on Batman that leans towards realistic, but nothing is more real than self-proclaimed vigilante Mark Wayne Williams. He donned the Batman costume and patrolled the streets. The downside for him? He’s been arrested twice so far.

The first arrest happened when Williams was seen on rooftops, brandishing a baton, chemical spray and sand-filled gloves. So in any realistic case, he was arrested for his carried weapons, along with obstructing an officer. With the arrest Williams was told to not wear costumes anymore.

But no, you can’t keep this Batman down. He has a mission, he has citizens to protect. That or he really wants to live out his childish fantasy that he is Batman.

After a car accident where the driver fled the scene, police arrived to find Williams in the area. He claimed that he wanted to help find the driver, but he was most likely awkwardly scowling with a thousand yard stare. Vengeance is such a poetic thing.

The cops had a canine at the scene to sniff out the driver’s scent, but Williams — sweating in his Batman costume — kept throwing the dog off. And once again this Batman wannabe got in the way of officers and found himself arrested.

Williams for the second time has six months probation and another scolding to stop wearing costumes in public. Which probably means in six months we’ll hear about his third arrest.

If there’s anyway to make something productive out of Williams’ persistence, it’s to make him into a comic book character who is utterly useless and arrested for obstructing an officer at each crime scene.