The equally loved and despised Twilight series is heading towards an end, so Robert Pattinson has been asked what his plans for the future are; in particular if he’d want to act in the seventh episode of Star Wars. And like any sane actor — or person for the matter — Pattinson expressed he’d love to act in the franchise. The kicker? Pattinson clearly couldn’t keep himself from cracking jokes.

Pattinson — who is known for saying things in jest — proclaimed that he’d even play the universally hated Jar Jar Binks, and even went as far as saying he likes the character and doesn’t understand the hate.

Frankly, I hope he continues giving tongue-in-cheek answers in interviews, especially ones that will get a rise out of people.

Star Wars: Episode — oh wait, this isn’t Star Wars news.

Robert Pattinson is hilarious. His next film needs to be a comedy.