Michael Fassbender plays a replicant in Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus left things open ended. Our surviving protagonists — one of them arguably an antagonist — took a ship and went off in search of new, fun adventures.

I  hope I didn’t spoil anything for you. If I did — oh god, I’m so sorry! Please stop reading and go watch the movie. It’s on Blu-ray and it’s a gorgeously shot film.

Prometheus ended with Noomi Rapace’s Doctor Elizabeth Shaw and Michael Fassbender’s David (the lovable android) taking an Engineers’ abandoned ship and heading for their home world. There were many horribly violent deaths and a huge threat towards earth; and Shaw wants answers.

It’s a great setup for the sequel to the Alien prequel, right?

That isn’t what we’re getting, sadly.

Alien: Covenant (formerly Prometheus: Paradise Lost) will take place ten years after the events of the first film. I mean Prometheus, you smart-ass. Rapace is not reprising her role, since Shaw will apparently not appear in the film. Rather, it will follow a research crew who will encounter David on a world that’s described as a paradise. And if reports are correct, David is the only survivor.

I’m disappointed. Shaw was a strong character and a driving force in the first movie. Plus her relationship with David was interesting. Shaw treated him with a level of respect that the others didn’t. And he was very curious about Shaw as a person.

But I’ll still see the sequel. David itself — err, himself — is very intriguing too. He clearly enjoyed being in solitude, so suddenly having more humans around after years alone is going to get a reaction out of him.