Just the other night I watched 3 Ninjas Kick Back on Netflix. I haven’t seen it since the mid 90s. It’s a ridiculously fun movie. But one scene — that never stuck out to me in childhood — caught me by surprise.

The brothers arrive in Japan to meet up with their grandfather. After helping a rich lady from a robber, she lends her limo to drive them to their destination. Then a song hits. A song by Seo Taiji & Boys. There’s a glaring fault there. They’re in Japan. Seo Taiji & Boys were a Korean group.

After that, not so surprisingly, more Korean songs were popping up in the movie. Now it makes me wonder if I got into Kpop in the early 2000s because of movies like 3 Ninjas. It probably is the case.

Nevertheless, you should watch 3 Ninjas Kick Back! It’s cheesy but oh so fun.