Last night I watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters yet again. Today, I stumbled onto the fact that David Prowse, the actor who wore the Darth Vader suit in the original trilogy, posted something very interesting on his Facebook.

You watched The Force Awakens, right? If not — what the heck are you doing? Go see it right now! A spoiler is on the horizon; in just the next paragraph.

Kylo Ren worships his grandfather; and the imagery of Darth Vader’s ruined helmet is strong. In Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker held a funeral pyre for his fallen father. His helmet was also burned. But apparently a bratty Kylo Ren stole the melted symbol of tyranny and created his shrine to his holy Sith Lord grandfather.

Wasn’t I saying something about the actor behind the mask?

David Prowse, the man who donned the costume, posted a photo of the Darth Vader helmet that was burned in Return of the Jedi. There’s a striking difference compared to the one in The Force Awakens. I could describe it, but you can see it yourself.

Actually, I will mention something: the one in the new film is menacing, but I really like how Return of the Jedi one looks mummified.