starwarsA few weeks ago I went to a little music store with my girlfriend and her family. We browsed, pointing out a different vinyl to each other. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a vinyl sticking out. I saw the word “Star”. It was in a very familiar font. I gasped and I briskly walked towards it. It was calling my name — in five different languages. I slowly picked it up.

Star Wars.

I gasped. Probably a little too loudly. There was no signs of “Episode” or anything. Just Star Wars. I turned it over and saw “1977”. I was giddy. It was a Star Wars vinyl that came out before Empire Strikes Back. Before there was the A New Hope title. I was beyond excited.

After taking it home, I discovered that it still had papers in it in perfect condition. One had notes from composer John Williams about the songs, and another, oddly enough, an ad to buy a Star Wars shirt.

I almost want to fill out the ad and send it in.

So from one fan to another: here’s photos of the vinyl and the papers that came with it.

P.S. Isn’t The Force Awakens fantastic? Oh it is, it is.