brandonrouthI only watched the first season of the CW’s Arrow, and that was mainly because it was on before Supernatural. Others have tried to convince me to give it another shot during the second season. The third season is coming up, and this time, I just might watch. Brandon Routh was cast.

You might remember him from Bryan Singer’s lackluster Superman Returns. You couldn’t fault Routh. He was a spot-on Superman and Clark Kent. A couple of the problems was in the weird, stalker side plot and the climax being Superman lifting an island into space.

Nevertheless, whatever Brandon Routh is in, he’s charming and funny. He stole the show as Todd Ingram in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. And now that he’s in Arrow, I’m afraid I’m now going to watch.

Oh yeah – who is he portraying? Routh is cast as the Atom. Also known as Ray Palmer, he’s an inventor and scientist who can manipulate his body size. Palmer’s role in Arrow is becoming the new owner of Queen Consolidated – which means a lot of antagonizing Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen.

Arrow returns on the CW October 8.