jasonmomoaIt’s no secret that Man of Steel 2 was set back in favor of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They want to catch up to Marvel Studios. The upcoming film is essentially their foundation for a shared universe. The name entails the eventual formation of the Justice League. The latest addition? Jason Momoa as everyone’s favorite superhero whipping boy: Aquaman.

You might (by which I mean should) know Momoa from his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. So already Zack Snyder’s version of Aquaman will have a commanding presence. And sex appeal. So much Dothraki sex appeal.

Man of Steel ended with major destruction but not so much consequences for it. Many speculated that it left it open for just that, and it looks like that’s what will happen. Lex Luthor will use the past battle as a reason to turn the pubic against Superman, and Batman will enter the fray. And since General Zod’s machine used on earth has affected the Indian Ocean, Aquaman will surface demanding answers. And someone to punch.

I hate the title so much, but I’m oddly looking forward to the movie.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases in theaters May 6, 2016.