harrypottervsthehulkThings were set in motion for an endeavor that leaves the public stunned. Two franchises that were seemingly separate are being brought together for the greatest crossover. The studio heard your voices and read your fan fiction: Steph Rogan and Chris Norton will star in a Harry Potter Vs. The Hulk movie.

In the film, Bruce Banner and Harry Potter have to set aside their differences and join forces; using the power of science, magic, lifting, and brute force to defeat the mischievously evil Lokimort.

Steph and Chris, though, have a lot in common. The original director dropped out of the project, stating that he can’t work with prima donnas who are bad influences on each other. Evidently, they’ve been drinking and watching Vine videos in Chris’ trailer. On set, they took turns deadlifting heavy props and calling each other “brah”.

Zeb Evans, who scored the part of Lokimort, spoke freely of how those two were constantly late for call time.

“I’ve about had it with them

[Chris and Steph]! I’m ready to take off my horned helmet and throw down my wand.”


Chris allegedly responded with, “You jelly?”

Craft services refused to comment.

Despite the drama on set, Brunell Whedon has taken up directing duties. He said that he can take all the tension between the actors and guide them through their scenes. Because of this, Brunell felt the script didn’t have the emotional weight the actors needed to express themselves. He rewrote it as a romance comedy.

The movie, now appropriately titled, Hulk Slash Harry, releases in theaters next year.