Sunday night was the anticipated Breaking Bad series finale, aptly named Felina. The most obvious meaning behind the title is that it’s an anagram for “finale”. The other? It’s that — no wait, are you caught up on Breaking Bad? If you aren’t, do not read any farther. Drop everything and get caught up right now.

Spoilers ahead:

The other meaning behind Felina is the song that plays in the cold open; and that Walter sings to himself, “El Paso” by Marty Robbins, which is about a cowboy in love with a woman named Feleena. When another cowboy expresses his interest in the woman, he kills the man, then flees in fear of his life. His love for Feleena proves too strong, and despite knowing he’d be in danger, returns for her, and is fatally wounded by his victim’s friends and dies in Feleena’s arms.

It’s a more than suitable song for the turn of events in Breaking Bad. Mr. White returned to fix what he could, then collapsed in the one place he felt alive: a meth lab, arguably, his Feleena.

The incredible and satisfying finale garnered a record-breaking 10.3 million viewers.

To make the final episode more special, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul read the script for the first time, together, with cameras rolling. A teaser of it was released on YouTube.

The teaser isn’t enough for you? Here’s some clips of the making of Felina to help cope with the end of Breaking Bad.

The complete series on Blu-ray can be pre-ordered HERE, and it comes in a barrel with other items to make you smile.

So . . . now what are we supposed to do on Sunday nights?