stephenbrouThe studio decided to bring Harry Potter back on the big screen with director Christopher Nolan at the helm. His brother, Jonathan Nolan, is writing the script, approaching the source material with a new angle.

“The original Harry Potter films were campy and geared towards children. My take will be more grounded in reality, with a very grim, gritty, and dark approach.”

-Christopher Nolan

Actor and comedian Steph Rogen, who is known for bursts of laughter and falling asleep on couches during parties, was cast in the role of Harry Potter in the reboot.

The premise is that as a child, Harry Potter’s parents were killed by a muggle, which led to Potter trekking across the globe. On his travels, he joins the League of Gryffindor and learns the ancient art of being a wizard. Potter takes these skills and returns to his hometown to clean the streets of muggles. And it’s on this life mission where Potter faces his greatest foe: “The Clown Prince of Wizards” Voldemort.

To prepare for the role, Steph followed a strict regiment of lifting park benches, and taking 30 minute showers for endurance. Steph will wear black tactical armor that will protect him from weak-ass punches from muggles. In that regard, he will also wear stainless steel glasses, which will complete the realistic look of a wizard warrior. To keep to the grounded reality, the wand will be a shotgun referred to as a “boom wand”, that will fire magical shells that pierce through its target.

“I’ve been lifting benches with Chris Norton and watching The Expendables for inspiration. I’ve learned a lot about how to hold a ‘boom wand’ and how to react to the recoil from the magic spells.”

-Steph Rogen

Harry Potter Begins is slated for release April 1, 2014.