Any fan of horror knows of director Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, starring Bruce Campbell. Why did I bring them up by name then? Because those two produced a remake that is approaching release.

Directed by Fede Alvarez, the remake follows the main plot line of a group of friends staying at a cabin. This time out, instead of a getaway, the group is there to support a friend’s sobriety. It isn’t long when they accidentally unleash the Necronomicon and all hell breaks loose.

A very bold poster is now out, but it worries me a little. The originals had some terrifying elements, but it never took itself too seriously. It wasn’t afraid to make fun of itself — and that’s what gave it charm. That’s how it became a cult classic. My fear is that the remake will forget the dark humor.

Nevertheless, I’m very interested in seeing the movie in theaters.

Evil Dead releases April 12, 2013.