X-Men: First Class was a huge surprise to me and many others with how well it turned out. The cast of characters felt randomly chosen and thrown together despite their actual ages in the comics. Regardless, the casting was inspired, and director Matthew Vaughn brought together a well-made comic book movie that rekindled moviegoers affection for the X-Men. So it came as a shock when it was announced that Vaughn has dropped out as the director of the sequel.

Vaughn may have stepped down as the director, but luckily he’s still involved as a producer. Fox is now looking for someone else to direct X-Men: Days of Future Past and one of the people they’re setting their eyes on is Bryan Singer, the director of the first two X-Men movies. Regardless, it disappoints me. Vaughn redeemed the franchise after the last two disappointing films. But if anyone should take up the directing duties, Singer is a good choice. And having him possibly come back would make the title Days of Future Past have a double-meaning.