Every now and then — by which I mean rarely — I like to share a few search terms that led people to this blog. Particularly ones that make me burst with laughter.

First off, there’s the search for “matthew davis indiana jones”. On the 20th I wrote a post on Indiana Jones and went off on a tangent about my wish for Matthew Davis to take up the mantle. The fact that someone searched for that only validated the silly idea. Or maybe we’re on to something?

Then there’s the search for “jensen ackles is a jerk”. Aside from his usual sarcastic demeanor at convention panels, he doesn’t really seem like a jerk. But that hasn’t stopped the countless times the search phrase appeared on my dash. And I can’t help but laugh every single time. I like to imagine it’s always the same person, looking for more reasons to hate the man. I would be disgruntled too if I knew Ackles wasn’t down with “Destiel”.

Until next time for show-and-tell . . . in the next three years.