Over the course of the last week, information and photos have surfaced for the remake of Robocop, starring Joel Kinnaman. We finally got to see exactly how the new Robocop looks and it deviates a lot from the original.

There’s no metallic look that we’re used to, but then again, it isn’t the 80s anymore. The aesthetics reflect current tech designs instead; carbon fiber and dark are in. Then there’s the supposed scene of a focus group critiquing the designs of Robocop to help develop the current look. The satire clearly shows.

The official synopsis has also surfaced online:

In RoboCop, the year is 2028 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Their drones are winning American wars around the globe and now they want to bring this technology to the home front. Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) is a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit. After he is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp utilizes their remarkable science of robotics to save Alex’s life. He returns to the streets of his beloved city with amazing new abilities, but with issues a regular man has never had to face before.

It makes OmniCrop sound ambitious and overly confident — which fits perfectly. And if that isn’t enough, there’s the poster that was released:

A perfect tagline for a corporation that thinks it owns the world.

It’s hard for me not to be excited for the remake. The movie has Kinnaman in the lead role, who is relatively unknown on the silver screen. It’ll make his immersion into the Robocop persona more seamless.

Then there’s the supporting cast in Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton. Plus there’s the satire that’s been apparent as of late.

Robocop makes a return to theaters August 9, 2013.