We’ve seen angels come and go on the show Supernatural, and now we’ll see not just one newcomer, but a group of angels who will make appearances in the new season. The role of one of the new angels has recently been cast.

Amanda Tapping, known as Samantha Carter in the Stargate franchise, will portray the angel Naomi. Her character is a “no-nonsense bureaucrat” — which sounds a lot like Castiel during his first encounters with the Winchesters.

The addition of Naomi and a group of angels will make for interesting interactions with the Winchesters — and Castiel especially — after the outcome in season seven.

Rather then speculate and direct this towards spoiler territory, I’ll leave things off here.

Actually, I’ll include one more thing: Supernatural returns to television October 9, on The CW.

I. Can’t. Wait.