Apparently for years George Lucas had intended to retire from Lucasfilm after completing his Star Wars prequels. Now, how long has it been? Regardless, the man recently said he’s moving forward with that intention.

“I’m moving away from the company, I’m moving away from all my businesses, I’m finishing all my obligations and I’m going to retire to my garage with my saw and hammer and build hobby movies. I’ve always wanted to make movies that were more experimental in nature, and not have to worry about them showing in movie theatres.”

–George Lucas

Frankly, it’s a good decision on his part. There’s no doubt that he loves film, but being surrounded by yes-men had a hand in his quality being all over the place. Just look at the aliens in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — that was Lucas‘ idea.

Hopefully Lucas’ hobby movies will rely more on character and story rather than effects. And speaking of effects, he should make a return to practical effects and only use C.G. for touch-ups.

We just might be witnessing his redemption; Lucas just might be rediscovering his humanity and leaving his empire to once again entertain the people who once looked up to him.