Filming for director Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 has begun, and curiously enough, someone has snapped a picture of a new armor in the movie.

It looks very Captain America-like, huh?

This variation is known as the Iron Patriot, but no, it wasn’t worn by either Tony Stark or Steve Rogers. In the comics it was Spider-Man antagonist Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) — so clearly with Sony holding the rights to Spider-Man, the pilot of the Iron Patriot armor will be a different person.

Who could the pilot be then? Apparently it’ll be Eric Savin, one of the antagonists of Iron Man, who has ties to the military. Marvel Studios has a habit of combining Iron Man villains for their films. And if it helps streamline the story, then by all means they should continue to.

It makes sense considering that the third movie seems to not only take from the Extremis graphic novel, but also elements from the Armor Wars story arc. It’s a natural progression in Tony Stark’s story in the Marvel films. Iron Man 2 left Stark’s armor plans wide open for not only the military, but rival companies as well. So not only is technology moving forward with nanotech, but others are fabricating their own armor.

And as we all know by now, Tony Stark suffers from “only child syndrome” and his reaction to others’ armor is to destroy them — not to mention the only thought that would go through his head about the designs: Mine!