By now we all know that composer Hans Zimmer has written a score for The Dark Knight Rises that comprises of fans worldwide chanting for part of the soundtrack. And from the man himself, it is only the beginning.

“Have I earned the right yet to book the biggest, craziest orchestra for two days, and try this experiment for Dark Knight? And if it goes wrong, if I don’t like it or if Chris

[Nolan] doesn’t like it, we can just pretend these two days never happened.”

–Hans Zimmer about what he said to the Warner Bros. music department.

Zimmer approached music in a way he hasn’t before; he explored a different way to compose and a different way for the orchestra to perform. But instead of telling exactly what it is, Zimmer discussed how the musicians reacted to his compositions.

” — the musicians were still talking about those two days, even though they’d done all this other stuff in the meantime. So I know I’m onto something.”

Zimmer might not have revealed much about his score for the film, but his apparent excitement about the creative direction is definitely attention-grabbing.

I still really dislike the title for Nolan’s third and final entry in his Batman trilogy — I would’ve preferred Shadow of the Bat. But I must admit that my cautious optimism in the movie is steadily growing.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20.

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