Shrek Forever After performed below expectations at the weekend box office. The prior Shrek films garnered more success despite the latest movie having an inflated price. It’s argued that it could be the ticket prices, or movie-goers are already tired of 3-D, or that Shrek isn’t a strong franchise anymore. Others and I had mentioned the hiked up price is a bad idea despite the film being in IMAX 3-D, and it looks to be the case.

The ticket prices reached a point where it’s competitor is the actual purchase of the movie itself. The distance between the experience of a movie theater and a home theater is edging closer; especially with talk of 3 -D TVs in development. Plus there’s the fact of watching films from the comfort of your own home and without inconsiderate movie-goers to put up with. The performance of Shrek Forever After should be used as a lesson that ticket prices shouldn’t be so obscenely high. It’ll only push movie-goers towards other options.

Source: (The Week)