It’s been confirmed that Tommy Lee Jones will be joining the cast of Captain America: The First Avenger. It’s speculated that Jones will be portraying General Chester Phillips, the man who puts Steve Rogers in the program that ultimately turns Rogers into Captain America. I could see that being the case. The role suits him.

Hugo Weaving playing the part of Red Skull is an inspired choice. His theatrical prowess will help bring the commanding presence of the antagonist Red Skull. Weaving has the ability to give “inspiring” propaganda speeches, and has already proven in V for Vendetta that he can emote without the use of his facial expressions. Hugo Weaving will make an effective Red Skull.

Marvel Studios had to be careful with casting Captain America since he’s the character who leads the Avengers. They would need an actor who can not only play the role, but can convincingly order around Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. Chris Evans was the unexpected choice, especially since he’s already played the role of Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four. The guy has the charisma that can rival Downey’s, and he’s proven himself a capable actor for the part in Sunshine. He’ll do the part justice. And I look forward to his interactions with Robert Downey Jr. in the Avengers.

Captain America: The First Avenger is shaping up nicely with the casting; and the premise taking place during World War II is a perfect judgement call. Placing Steve Rogers in any other war would’ve fundamentally change the character. In fiction and in reality, Captain America is a creation from during that specific time period. This film has massive potential, and I’m excited for it.

Source: (SciFi Wire)