Trailers have already come out for the newest Terminator film; and at the time, my only interest was Gabriel Luna playing the antagonist, since I really enjoyed his work as Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider) on Agents of SHIELD. Then their Comic-Con panel piqued my interest. A lot.

It wasn’t a very kid friendly panel, thanks to all the f-bombs from the cast and director. But it just made it all the more fun, with how hilarious everyone were on stage. Luna and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a twenty dollar bet, which Luna promptly lost, thanks to director Tim Miller dropping way more f-bombs than Luna thought he would.

Speaking of Tim Miller, I kinda, sorta didn’t know that he was directing Terminator until Comic-Con — and I loved how his film Deadpool turned out. And since he has a lot of experience in visual effects, it’s a given that he would have a good eye for Terminator.

The moral of this story is that I was kind of interested, but after the panel, I became excited for the movie.

Check out the trailer.

Also, I just have to point this out: It looks like Carl has a pet dog, which shows some affection towards him. That’s really peculiar, since in all other media for the franchise, dogs always freaked out, aggressively barking at these death machines. They were always used as a way to sniff them out. (I’m so sorry for the pun.) I hope that’s explored more.

Terminator: Dark Fate makes its way to theaters November 1, 2019.