Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD panel at Comic-Con was bittersweet. It moved from Ballroom 20 to the much larger Hall H — but before the panel, it was announced that season seven would be the last. In triumph, they were ending the series on their terms; a rarity for television shows.

“Coulson lives” was a slogan uttered by many years ago, and the first panel for Agents of SHIELD answered it. Coulson was the star, and the others were the new faces for Marvel. We were shown the first episode and it seemed like something special.

By something special, I mean very special. All the actors have so much charisma and their characters grew organically from their experiences. And to be frank, Agents of SHIELD became my favorite thing out of Marvel. It’s sad that it will come to an end, but knowing they planned for it, we know it will end very strong.

I’m selfishly hoping that they will grace Comic-Con one more time for a victory lap. Their panels are always so fun with their sense of humor. And because why not?