Admittedly, I wasn’t aware of another Star Trek television show in the works until Comic-Con this year. I learned that Sir Patrick Stewart — after all this time — is reprising his role as Jean-Luc Picard in the aptly titled, Star Trek: Picard. It takes place decades after Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Unlike the films that were more action oriented, the trailer for Star Trek: Picard looks like the show will continue the old tradition of being more lowkey; more thoughtful and reflective. The sci-fi element may be a return to form as a backdrop for the social issues and character drama.

I caught myself smiling when Picard said, “Engage”. So maybe you should engage too and check out the trailer. Nostalgia is the springboard into the future.

Star Trek: Picard returns to television in 2020, on

(That felt weird to type: 2020.)