The Fantastic Four teaser trailer came out this week, showing a very much different version of the superhero family. The tone is more serious. A lot more serious than the previous films.

I was admittedly a fan of the first two Fantastic Four movies that introduced Chris Evans as a superhero (who went on to become a perfect Captain America). It was humorous and didn’t take itself seriously. It was fun. Although, Jessica Alba with blonde hair and blue eyes was heading towards uncanny valley.

Oh yeah, the new Fantastic Four.

I’m very interested in the reboot. The cast is stellar — especially with Kate Mara (House of Cards) as Sue Storm and Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm. Emphasis on Jordan.

Johnny Storm? Is that you? (The answer is yes.)

Chronicle director Josh Trank is directing the reboot and it shows in the trailer. There’s a sense of dread that’s like Chronicle, which, by the way, is an incredible movie and you should really watch it if you haven’t already. Plus Jordan is in it as the awesome, popular-yet-nice super-powered protagonist.

With that said, watch the teaser trailer. And get excited.

Fantastic Four comes out in theaters August 7, 2015.