xmendaysoffuturepastposterThe second trailer for the next installment of the X-Men franchise is out, and it continues to give me mixed feelings. There’s the First Class cast, who were incredible in their movie, but then there’s Bryan Singer, who is back in the director’s chair. And there’s a lot more mutants in Days of Future Past.

Don’t get me wrong – Singer is a good director. His previous X-Men movies helped pave the way for the current landscape for comic book movies. But things changed. Marvel started their own studio and weren’t afraid to embrace camp. They injected personality into their films. Sony followed suit with The Amazing Spider-Man. Singer’s, not so much.

Aesthetically, the costumes in current comic book movies are colorful. And really, it works. Unfortunately, it looks like Singer is sticking to black or dull colors. Part of the charm of current films is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. There’s drama, but it’s a lot of fun. In retrospect, the first two X-Men movies are too serious and a bore.

X-Men: Days of Future Past looks like it might suffer from the same mistake as The Last Stand: the inclusion of way too many mutants. It’ll become cameo galore, which ultimately takes away from the story. Unless they can pull it off without being, “Hey, everyone! Look! It’s so-and-so!”

I could be jumping the gun with my complaints and assumptions, but one thing that is (subjectively) valid is that it’s another X-Men movie starring Logan. Doesn’t Hugh Jackman have a separate Wolverine franchise that he stars in?

On the bright side, I’ll watch the new movie for Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender.

X-Men: Days of Future Past releases in theaters May 23.