saulgoodmanAMC’s brilliant show Breaking Bad concludes this summer. So where does that leave Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul? In a spinoff, obviously! By which I mean a potential spinoff for Ben Odenkirk’s scene stealing lawyer, Saul Goodman.

Series creator Vince Gilligan humored the idea since last summer. Goodman is a popular character, and he could easily lead in a Goodman-centric episode. But really, he shines when playing off Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. On his own, even with a revolving cast of characters, it could easily become repetitious.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying a Saul Goodman show would diminish how great Breaking Bad is, but it wouldn’t really live up to it.

Or maybe, just maybe, Gilligan is using it as a swerve, and our favorite sleazy lawyer will meet his demise. Breaking Bad returns for its exciting conclusion this summer on AMC. I cannot wait.