cultThe CW’s meta show Cult had a promising premise, which dealt with a fictional hit show entitled Cult and its cult following, who took the show dangerously seriously. The show took playful jabs at rabid fans of current shows like Supernatural. And frankly, that’s part of what made Cult so fun.

Unfortunately, the show never found its footing. It was first aired on Tuesday nights, but due to low ratings, it was quickly moved to Friday nights; also known as “the Friday night death slot”. It came as no surprise that the CW would not renew Cult for a second season. Nor was it a surprise that it was also cancelled. Sadly, that means the last six episodes won’t air on the CW.

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m disappointed. Cult was a fun show. The cast consisted of actors from other shows that had a strong following. It just didn’t find its audience.

I’m even more disappointed that the CW won’t air the rest of the season. Now I just hope they’ll at least put the last six episodes online.

I guess Cult really was a fictional hit show.