marveluniverseliveIt really was only a matter of time. First Spider-Man had a live show, then DC had Batman. Now Disney and Marvel are joining with Feld Entertainment to bring Marvel Universe Live to stages in 85 cities, followed by dates overseas. 

Not bound by film rights, the over $10 million production can bring the likes of The Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, and whoever else they feel like on stage to entertain the masses. Well, except Batman. But you knew this, didn’t you? He’s from DC, silly.

Feld Entertainment has history with Disney, doing Disney on Ice shows, but sadly, Marvel Universe Live won’t be on ice. So we can’t expect a drunk Tony Stark stumbling on ice, or Thor and Loki giving their Shakespearean dialogue in ice skates. It’s a damn shame. Instead, the live show will showcase stunts based on each superhero’s abilities.

Speaking of Shakespearean, I sincerely hope it doesn’t become a tragedy like the Spider-Man musical first was; with all the mishaps and injuries that occurred on stage. That poor Peter Parker can’t catch a break.

Marvel Universe Live scoffs at film rights and performs on stages sometime in 2014.