theoriginalsThe Vampire Diaries is a surprisingly brilliant show on the CW. Yes, it starts off as what you’d expect from the name, but after around seven episodes, it becomes something much more. The romance takes a backseat to the plot, it becomes an ensemble, and the story moves forward at a breakneck speed. It’s refreshing. I can’t help but give The Vampire Diaries my praise.

The CW is attempting to give the show a spinoff series called The Originals. Any fans know where this is going. The show would focus on the original vampires and their exploits throughout time.

The spinoff doesn’t sound like a good idea despite how much I like The Vampire Diaries. Yes, they’re intriguing characters, but we already know their past and where they end up in the present day. And really, if they feel like elaborating on any of them, there’s always flashbacks. The Vampire Diaries isn’t afraid of that, and it enhances the story.

Aside from my cynicism towards a spinoff, The Vampire Diaries is only a week away from returning!