starwarsAs everyone knows by now, Disney purchased Lucasfilm and gained the rights to the Star Wars franchise. Along with film, Star Wars has tapped into video games and an animated series. But what hasn’t been done yet is a live-action television series. Disney intends to bring that to fruition.

Years before the acquisition, Lucasfilm was developing just that; scripts were written, and one such writer was Battlestar Galactica‘s own Ron Moore. It sounded like it was on the right track. But unfortunately, Lucasfilm considered the endeavor too expensive.

The planned series would center around a bounty hunter in Coruscant — sounds similar to Star Wars game 1313. If they do go with that, I hope they change up the aesthetics; the game looks too much like Blade Runner. Other than that, it sounds fun. I especially like that it wouldn’t focus on Jedi. Encounters with Jedi should be sparse.

The prequels were disowned by hardcore fans — don’t look at me like that — but Lucasfilm has done well with the shows and video games. Well, except for Star Wars Galaxies. It’s been years and I’m still butt-hurt over it — I said stop looking at me like that!

Star Wars live-action series on ABC sounds very promising. Especially if they bring Ron Moore on board again.