christopher nolanDirector Christopher Nolan downplays sci-fi elements in some of his movies — in particular, The Prestige and Inception. His main focus is the characters and plot progression. So it’s interesting that his current project lined up is a straightforward sci-fi entitled Interstellar.

In Interstellar, a group of explorers go through a wormhole and experience different dimensions and time travel. You can’t exactly downplay that.

Nolan’s brother, Jonathan Nolan, wrote the screenplay. He took influence from astrophysicist, theoretical and gravitational physicist Kip Thorne’s scientific theories.

Nolan directing the movie piques my interest. His past work shows that he can take stories that contain layers and present them in a way the viewer can understand. Unless you aren’t paying attention, then I have to get up on my high horse and tell you, “Why aren’t you paying close attention?”

On more serious note, the idea of Nolan directing such a film sounds exciting.