Prometheus had awe-inspiring visuals and incredible acting from Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, but the story was not only open-ended, it was full of plot holes that left a lot to be desired. So a sequel is the next course of action, right? Wrong! By which I mean right.

Fassbender and Rapace are slated to return, but it looks like screenwriter Damon Lindelof won’t return to pen the sequel. Supposedly he has too much on his plate right now to work on the second Prometheus. Naturally, the studio is looking for a new writer for the film.

Lindelof has a knack for setting up interesting mysteries but not actually solving them in the story. Prometheus was no different and it ultimately hurt the movie for a lot of fans. Bringing in a new writer for the sequel gives it the opportunity to fill in plot holes and explain the mysteries and questions left from the first movie.

Oh, and you should already know that Ridley Scott is of course directing the film. It’s his baby, after all.