Marvel Studios is becoming the definition of “workaholic”. They didn’t hesitate to dive right into their “Phase 2” of movies, one of which is Thor: The Dark World. Christopher Eccleston — mainly known in Dr. Who as the 9th doctor — is in final negotiations to join the cast.

If you’d rather be kept in the dark (sorry about the pun), cease reading. Right now.

If it’s any huge hint about where the story is heading for the sequel, it’s in the title itself: The Dark World. It’s safe to say that it’ll deal with the dark elves — more particularly, Malekith. It also makes it easy to guess that Eccleston will portray that villian.

As a leader of the dark elves, Malekith possesses superhuman strength, speed, and various forms of magic that makes him a formidable opponent to Thor. One of his weaknesses though? Iron disrupts his magic.

So it’s clear what Thor needs to do, right? Correct! He needs to wield Iron Man by his ankles and swing him like Mjolnir at Malekith.

The speculation on the plot is that Loki and Malekith will join forces to find the Casket of Ancient Winters. Why? Because not only is it part of a story in the comics, but we’ve already seen the casket in the prior film. It’s a natural fit. And after all, Loki will always act up against his family.

The news of Eccleston’s involvement on top of Alan Taylor of Game of Thrones directing certainly has my attention piqued.

Thor: The Dark World hits theaters November 8, 2013.