Francis Ford Coppola and Val Kilmer made an appearance at Comic-Con’s Hall H to present footage and a closer look on their highly experimental film Twixt.

The plot? Kilmer stars as a frustrated actor looking for inspiration for his next novel — and during a book tour finds himself in a strange town that went through mysterious killings. He becomes interested, trying to find inspiration from the murders and encounters a young girl (Elle Fanning) and the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe (Ben Chaplin).

Coppola was inspired by a dream he had that involved a mysterious girl and Edgar Allan Poe acting as a spirit guide.

The experimental part of Twixt? The film is interactive and controlled by the “composer”. Scenes were filmed with lengthened and shortened sequences, so the composer can allow a scene to play out longer if the audience enjoys it — or shorten a scene if the audience wants the story to carry forward. There’s also the fact that scenes can be easily rearranged or taken out while still keeping the core of the story — and music can be altered at will. To put it simply: the composer can tweak the film according to how the audience is responding to the movie.

Ideally, Coppola wants each viewing of his film to give audiences a different experience each time. He wants to do a live tour of Twixt, with live voice-overs, music and him composing.

Coppola gave us a taste of it at Comic-Con and it really captured the audience’s attention. It’s a really interesting endeavor and definitely worth a viewing once the film comes out.