Courtesy of Chelsea Valentine

Director Tarsem Singh brought actors Henry Cavill, Kellan Lutz, Luke Evans, Stephen Dorff, Freido Pinto to Hall H in Comic-Con for their film The Immortals.

The movie deals with King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his army traveling across Greece searching for the Bow of Epirus — and to release the titans from Mount Tartarus — all while leaving destruction in their wake. And Hyperion intends to use the bow to overthrow the Gods of Olympus — to, of course, undisputedly rule the world. Theseus (Henry Cavill) vows revenge against King Hyperion after the death of his mother from one of the raids, and forms a group to fight back.

Singh showed us a fight scene from the movie, depicting a bloody battle with an aesthetic comparable to 300, but with slight differences. And it was a nice surprise to see gods actually getting their hands dirty in battle, as opposed to solely using mortals in their fights. The scene ends with Zeus pulling huge, gold chains to bring down giant statues to collapse Mount Tartarus from the inside. It was highly stylized and equally entertaining.

Courtesy of Chelsea Valentine

During the Q & A portion of the panel, Singh explained casting the gods as young men by saying that if you’re immortal, why wouldn’t you want to look young and in your prime?

Despite taking some influence from 300, The Immortals relies more heavily on practical sets for the actors to interact on. And it works nicely.

The fight scenes themselves were filmed with live actors and enhanced with C.G. to make it more stylized for the feel of the film. After all, it is gods and titans waging war on each other.

Luke Evans was quick to joke about playing a god in both Clash of the Titans and The Immortals, insisting that he doesn’t have a god complex.

Kellan Lutz kept chiming in that he plays Poseidon, “the god of wetness and moisture”; and claiming that he drew inspiration heavily from The Little Mermaid — who wouldn’t?

After the Q & A portion came to a close, Singh had the fight scene shown one last time, much to the applause of the audience.

The Immortals releases in theaters November 11, 2011.