I have to admit that I didn’t know what Attack the Block was until the panel began in Hall H. Director Joe Cornish and writer Edgar Wright hit the stage while the audience wildly cheered. The star of the film, John Boyega joined them on stage.

Since their panel started after Underworld: Awakening, Wright was quick to apologize for his English accent not being quite as sexy as Kate Beckinsale’s.

The premise of Attack the Block deals with a group of London youths who face against an alien invasion on their block. It could easily play into the usual alien invasion, but Cornish and Wright inject humor and horror into the story that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. They presented a clip exclusively for Hall H that displayed just that — and the intensity and weight of the situation in the scene was strongly felt.

In regards to the alien design, Cornish spoke of how he wanted to create a unique look for the aliens that hasn’t been seen in any other film. To accomplish just that, the aliens were created using practical effects and rotoscoping.

From what we saw in the clip, the aliens are definitely unique. They look like something out of a nightmare, and oddly have long, sharp teeth that glow. The aliens look like a legitimate threat and something to fear.

The main cast of the film comprises of actors between the ages of 11 and 17 — and not only that, but it’s their first time acting on screen. Boyega himself did two years of theater work just before signing on for Attack the Block.

Wright teased Cornish by saying that working with such a young and inexperienced cast, and with a dog as well — is like he’s trying to make his first time directing a feature film as hard as possible. But all jokes aside, from what we saw, the actors are more than capable of carrying the movie.

The duo then talked briefly about writing Tintin for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Cornish teased Wright, telling the audience that when they had meetings with Spielberg, Wright wouldn’t stop touching his arm. Wright tried to defend himself by saying he was simply trying to make sure Spielberg is real.

Attack the Block is already out — so go see it!